Delhi University witnesses hike in fee structure

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In the past three years Delhi University has undergone such radical changes that now one does not bat an eye when the university announces another one of its “reforms”. The news of the hike in fees of almost all the colleges has remained unmentioned. Where the raise in amount is not much in Colleges like Daulat Ram, Miranda House and Hindu, it’s quite considerable in others like SRCC, St Stephen’s, Kirori Mal, LSR and Ramjas.

Yearly fee structure of Shri Ram College of Commerce is a record breaking Rs. 27,000 for third year students and Rs. 26,600 for students of second year. SRCC has always been one of the top paid colleges owing to its air conditioned class rooms but from the last time’s annual fees of Rs. 20,000, a leap of seven thousand is a bit too much. St Stephen’s College, on the other hand, increased its fee by 5 to 7 percent with the effect that a student of Humanities will now have to pay Rs. 22,435 annually as opposed to Rs. 19,925 last year.

The fee hike in Hansraj College is not so drastic in comparison. “There would be a hike but it won’t be more than 10 percent. The hike would be for all the courses except for the Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech) in Electronics,” Hans Raj College principal K.V. Kavatra was quoted saying. A student of B. Com (Hons.) for instance needs to pay Rs. 10,540 instead of last year’s Rs. 9000.

Miranda House, Hindu College and Lady Irvin College have not hiked their fee at all. Where Miranda House charges around Rs. 8000 annually, Hindu still remains one of the most affordable colleges with a fee structure ranging from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7000. Sri Venkateswara College in South Campus is comparatively cheaper, when compared to LSR and JMC, and a student of Political Science and B. Com (Hons.) has to pay just Rs. 6505 yearly.  With a fee structure of Rs. 5000, Daulat Ram College is one of the most inexpensive colleges of Delhi University.

Reportedly, the university has nothing to do with the fee structure and the hike. The decision lies entirely with the colleges. Quite naturally, the students of colleges like SRCC are not happy. “We don’t have teacher assigned for some of the very basic subjects! There are ad-hoc teachers but we are not satisfied with any of them and we have to pay extra for that?!” said a second year student.

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I wonder how people write about themselves so effortlessly and adequately too! I for one find it arduous and extremely time consuming since when asked about me I go in a sort of trance “discovering myself” and all that and finally come up with nothing. So after the process I can say I dislike studying, like novels and music and coffee. Also, I am a second year B Com (Hons) student in Shri Ram College.

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