Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies

The Society Season at SSCBS starts with a bang

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Two weeks into college and the freshers already seem to have their hands full. As the ball gets rolling, every society is vying to get hold of the brightest of the lot and the students are trying to combine quality with quantity. The coveted Career Development Centre (the team that deals with the recruitment of the final year students) was the first to sieve out its Organising Committee. All the other societies, big and small, have started promoting themselves in full swing. Bullet-in boards in different corridors have been assigned to different societies to display the kind of work they have been doing, orientations are being held in break times for students to come and find out if they fit into these societies. To add to the students’ dilemma, a lot of societies become impossible to juggle with the other societies in the peak work season and a lot of other societies explicitly bar students from joining certain other societies.

Among the various things that set CBS apart, the importance it attaches to the societies is distinguishable. One of the very amusing things is the anxiety surrounding the recruitment season. Getting into the best of societies seems to be a matter of grave concern for the freshly admitted students. To add to the energy in the air, many societies like the Blitz (the dance society) and Verve (The streetplay society) are auditioning the students in open ground for everyone to see. All the other societies have booked rooms for interviews and group discussions. So if the students are not attending lectures, they are cueing outside rooms to audition for their preferred societies.

Image Credits: Darkroom, the photography society of SSCBS

Presently a Business Studies student at Shaheed Sukhdev College Of Business Studies, I plan to spend my years discovering what I am capable of. Books, movies and friends are on the top of my timetable and for me college is about having a good time and trying new things. I believe it’s better to do a few things well than a lot of them poorly. Punctuality is a virtue I am yet to experience.

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