Lady Shri Ram College for Women

LSR introduces Research and Referral period with the coming of FYUP

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Lady Shri Ram College for Women, known for intense academic commitment and discipline, has introduced a 75 minute research and referral or academic study period every Friday in the light of the new Four Year Undergraduate Programme.

The college has cut down 5 minutes from each class and done away with the assembly on Friday to make space for the R&R period.

The idea behind this 75 minute long study period is that both students are teachers have very little time during the course of the week to engage in research and further introspective reading. In the everyday routines of college and course work, the element of research is usually lost. Particularly with students who are part of the FYUP, it is difficult to manage anything other than coursework since classes take place till five in the evening. This 75 minute time frame every Friday gives faculty and students a chance to engage with their subjects further.

College administration is also making sure that this period is not used for any extracurricular activity. In the words of the administration, “It is not a time for singing and dancing but for intellectually stimulating activities.”

In addition to research and further reading, students are also free to make presentations, engage in guest lectures, talks, discussions and screen documentaries of academic interest during this time. While this new addition to the timetable has been made because of the FYUP, it is applicable to all students from all courses and all years.

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