Humouroscope: 29th July – 3rd August

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Aries: You will not go through that morning lethargy and inertia ever again now that you will discover the reason behind the same, was your wrong deodorant soap that has a foul and offensive smell.

Taurus: Feel free to keep your mouth shut when you are with friends this week as they won’t take you seriously if you show off your ravishing and stunning intellect.

Gemini: Stick tight and wait because you are likely to meet the man/woman of your dreams who you will find selling Bhelpuri/Sevpuri near your college.

Cancer: Expectantly, you will be able to grab attention in any possible way you can; in the metro, in your college and in the movie theatre too. Bingo!!

Leo: Wearing those same lucky lemon-colored shades will be even luckier, when its cloudy outside and you don’t want yourself to be stuck in the rain.

Virgo: Your favorite attribute in a person, you will find is their ability to tell you how fantastic you are. Plus, the sensation in the gulf of your stomach is going to explode at noon, or sometime afterwards in the week.

Libra: Fashion aesthetic to the tail, they are certainly going to make people turn around for just a single glance. Likely to swamp most of their pocket money buying age defying products and jaw dropping attire.

Scorpio: Finally, it’s the time for scorpion freshers to get an insight into what actually they will be doing in their FYUP. Luck seems generous enough.

Sagittarius: Sleep deprivation can affect you negatively today, so ensure you murder all the dogs in your area for a guaranteed good night’s sleep. There’s no harm in taking the day off.

Capricorn: ‘Yes’ will be your lucky word for the whole week. Don’t hesitate using your lucky word even when your date asks you whether you are two timing.

Aquarius: If you think it’s my job to tell you good news, you’re wrong pal. You’re going down. So better rush to the nearest temple and get your prayers done as soon as possible.

Pisces: You will discover that you can wiggle your ears pretty easily, and will actually become quite good at it after a little practice. Seeing your wonderful talent people will actually invite you to their parties.

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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