Sri Venkateswara College

Sri Venkateswara holds orientation in recently inaugrated auditorium

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The orientation for freshers and their parents at Sri Venkateswara College was held on Tuesday, 23rd July. The ceremony was led by Principal Dr. P. Hemlatha Reddy and she was joined by most (however not all) heads of departments.

The recently inaugurated auditorium was used to conduct the ceremony. Evident from a packed auditorium, the orientation initially received good response from students and parents.

In a ceremony that lasted for about one and a half hours in a not so well ventilated auditorium the Principal touched upon general topics about the history of the college, code of conduct, the fest- Nexus, the various departments and other aspects on college life at Venky.

While having the ceremony in the auditorium (in the presence of parents) was a step well appreciated, the audience complained that the various speakers were hardly audible from the dais. This resulted in a lukewarm response from the audience towards the end of the day.

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Image Credit: Sonam Satija

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