Sex Amma

Sex Amma

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I have no girl friend and I am still a virgin, I don’t want to lose it to a prostitute so please suggest me an idea to get a gal for a good relationship.

So here we have a hydrophobic macchi boy, who wants to take a dip in the sea. It is nice to hear from you da, especially in today’s times when losing one’s mobile phone is far more disastrous than losing one’s ‘V’. But this audacious otter has thought that Amma is the Grand Kerala Matrimony, who’d suggest a ‘gal’ for him. As much as Amma likes the tingle of stripping down two lonely wires and bringing them close to each other for some electrifying romance, Amma isn’t a matrimony, make some efforts boy!
Fine enough bashing, now listen up, do not feel left out, half of the fishes out there are desperately looking to plug a fishnet, you are not alone. Moreover, many do not like the idea of going to a Prostitute to avail those services. While you may see yourself as a nerdy high school girl afraid to get her nookie nubbed, there are others like you, or at least were- true story, changed my life.
Yennyway, what you need to find yourself is good company of a girl, yes girl NOT ‘gal’ with whom you can physically commit yourself, and vice versa. After that you may yourself be in a position to decide whether you want to be a born again virgin or not, Amma is a fan of that idea!
So don’t go out looking for a chickenhead, wait and keep a lookout for the voluptuous turkey who’s out there for you.
Be sure to tell Amma your Thanksgiving tales!

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