Delhi University to start an online museum: Report

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In what seems like the year of revolutionising the Delhi University, we bring to you the next “big thing” to be added to the plethora of changes already in place. So what is this halla baloo all about?  Well, this time around the University seems to be working around and formulating the proposal for coming up with an Online Museum likely to be introduced with the start of the new session from 23rd July.

The project is directly being spearheaded by the Vice Chancellor; the essence seems to be to make the students aware of the historical significance and the cultural importance of the structures they see around them every day. The University houses some of the magnificent structures from the colonial era and has witnessed some landmark historical events like the Gandhi-Irwin pact and the trial of Bhagat Singh in the Delhi Bomb case. Additionally, it would also benefit the correspondence students who don’t come to college that often. In order to throw light on the same and create an enriching environment for the students of Delhi University, the objective of creating such a museum has been formed. There are also plans of putting screens around the campus as display centers of the portal.

One of the officers  from the University was quoted saying , “We are making the audio visual material, related videos for the portal and hopefully will be able to finish it before the new session starts.” Hence, if multimedia is taken as an educational approach in this case, it might be interesting to see how the project spans out in the end.

But what remains to be seen in the days that follow is the befuddling question that accompanies all these never –ending changes. However well-meaning in their intentions, the effective implementation of these plans still continues to bother  and remain a cause of worry for many.

[via Deccan Herald]

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