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Sanskrit honours redesigned under the FYUP

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Sanskrit, as everyone knows, is an ancient Indic language. Also referred as the language of Hinduism and the Vedas, it is the classical literary language of India.

The makers of the Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) however, have given Sanskrit a new form.

Under the FYUP, there will now be various courses in theatre, self-management, Indian scientific heritage and dramatics by the Department of Sanskrit, University of Delhi. Any student from Sanskrit Honours will study these courses as a part of Discipline Courses – I, which includes core subjects. There is also an introduction of archaeological subject matters such as Indian epigraphy, paleography and chronology. Students will get a chance to study climatology, ayurveda, ecology, archaeology and yoga with this modification.

“In Discipline-1, from the total of 20 subjects, 18 are intact and changes are made to 2 of them and in Discipline-2, students will be able to learn subjects like Yoga, Upanishad, etc, which will make them understand their culture better,” said Dr. Punita Sharma, Associate Professor, Sanskrit Department, Sri Venkateshwara College.

28 colleges of the University offer B.A. Sanskrit (Honours) as a course and 40 colleges will teach Sanskrit at Discipline 2. There are many part time courses run by the University which includes Diploma and Certificate Course in Sanskrit.

“According to me, students in Second Year (III Semester) should be given free option while choosing their subjects and choices should be made from all the subjects being taught at the college, removing restrictions, so that the main purpose remains undefeated.” added Dr. Punita.

The sole purpose behind this redo is to change people’s and students mindset about Sanskrit as a subject and to make them realize its grandness and importance in this new world. Also, this is to ensure that students keep up with the demands of the job market scenario.

[email protected]; Studying in Gargi College, a final year B.Com(Hons.) student, she is currently the Associate Editor at DU Beat. She hates being idle and loves flexibility in life. She totally agrees with James A. Michener in his saying: “I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.”

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