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The Science Forum, Hindu College, in association with star college project organised their first ever fest, Entropy, on 8th March 2013. Under the presidency of Anagha Madhu, this one-day fest was a huge success. The guest lecturer was Professor Sanjay Jain of the Department of Physics and Astrophysics, Delhi University. He spoke on the origin of life problems, the emergence of complexity. The one-hour talk was very knowledgeable and provoked the listeners to think beyond their capacity. A highly intellectual individual, Professor Sanjay’s aura was unfathomable. There were other events that saw a huge turnout. The winners of the science quiz were Ayan Madhan of Hindu and Debobrata Sensharma of St. Stephens. Experimental Design, a new and innovative event also attracted people with scientific calibre. Along with these, other side-events like Sudoku kept the people from the non-science departments enthralled. After a lot of hard work and patience, Entropy’13 did take place and was indeed a huge hit.   Surbhi Grover With inputs from Prerna Srigyan]]>

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