WORDZ- The Debating Society

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A group of students were coming back from a debate, which they thought had given an unfair decision. Disappointed, they decided to open their own debating society that would organize fair debates and conduct workshops across educational institutions to disseminate the art of public speaking , debating and MUNing.

And this is how Wordz was formed.

Today, Wordz, that originated in Chandigarh, has expanded its base to Delhi and now it has grown to become one of the most popular student organizations in the Delhi and Chandigarh circuit with a reach out scale of about 2000 students. The founder members of Wordz are- Aruj Garg, Ashmita Gupta, Manonit Kaur and Akshay Vashishtha. The Delhi chapter of Wordz began in 2010, the foundations of which were laid by Sargam Sardana, Diya and Akshay Sharma.

Wordz Delhi , a registered trust, actively organizes debating and MUNing workshops across schools and colleges of Delhi like IIT Delhi, Modern School Barakhamba Road, DPS Noida to name a few. With the reputation that Wordz Delhi garnered over time, they also have started serving as knowledge partners to institutions like IIT Delhi, SRCC and Pathways School for their debates and MUNs. Wordz Delhi also organized n MUN workshop in India Habitat Centre in 2010.

Wordz Delhi organized two major events last year. First being, an online photography competition ‘La Fotographia’, that was judged by Mr.Dinesh Khanna, a renowned photographer, who’s also worked with ‘Incredible India’. Since communication forms the bedrock of all Wordz activities, this event too highlighted the fact that “a picture speaks a thousand words”.

The second event was truly unique in nature, as Wordz organized a Parliamentary Debating Championship at the school level for the first time in India. 26 schools participated and DPS Noida emerged as winner. The event spanned across 3 days, where the 2 days were at Mayoor School, and the final event at IHC.

Wordz Delhi would be recruiting soon, to carry forward the legacy that began in Chandigarh.

Visit their official Facebook for further details, http://www.facebook.com/wordzdelhi

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