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Food Review – Y Not Chinese

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Y Not Chinese or commonly known as ‘YNC’ has risen up to be one of the most promising eateries at Kamla Nagar, North Campus. Located right next to FYI- it’s Maggie, YNC has a cosy feel to it and has been done up entirely in a traditional red and white colour combination with dim lighting, to go with its Chinese and Tibetan cuisine. It can comfortably accommodate around 40-50 people at a time, and is entirely air-conditioned.

The menu comprises of their signature ‘magical tandoori momos’ along with a wide array of other delicacies; like their famous talumein soup, crispy chilly potatoes, Singapore noodles and their yummy and filling meal combos. Their interestingly named mocktails (Read– Jump up and kiss me, Woo Woo) didn’t really live up to their names and are a disappointment when compared to the delicious food served there.

The prices are a little heavy on the average student’s pocket when compared to other food joints, but still reasonable enough as the customer gets their value for money. The staff is friendly and patient, and approachable even during the busiest hours of the day. It also offers a convenient home delivery service.

Payal Negi, a 2nd year student of Miranda House says, ‘The tandoori momos and Singapore noodles are the tastiest of the lot. The fact that it stays open till 10:30 in the night makes it easy for us to escape our bad PG food and gorge here. This is one place I would definitely bring my friends to, if any of them happen to come visiting.’

Writer’s suggestion – Faster service, and a little more variety in the menu.


Akriti Gupta
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