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Arvind Kejriwal in North Campus

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Politician and social activist Arvind Kejriwal held an interactive session with the youth at the community centre, North Campus on 18th of February, 2013. The session was organized with the aim of confronting the youth on the problem of corruption and how the Lokpal bill drafted by the government is not really practical.

The session began at 2 am. Volunteers wearing caps saying “main hun aam aadmi” could be spotted easily.  Kejriwal was sitting on a pedestal wearing the same cap and addressing people that had gathered around him. Interestingly, the crowd that had gathered to listen to him was not more than 50% of the mass uprising that had happened earlier, making one feel a little odd and at the same time wonder whether this movement or the people associated with this movement, might have lost their sheen.

Kejriwal had brought with him sundry statistics and was frequently quoting data to support his arguments. He was essentially dealing with the Lokpal bill clause by clause, pointing out the flaws in each clause. For example, he quoted a particular clause that said that people who come under scrutiny for possessing large amounts of money for reasons unknown, would be given 2 days to justify why a raid should not take place at their house. This, according to Kejriwal, will give the grant the criminals an avenue to clear their houses of the black money and come out scot free. Also, talking in light about the Delhi  gang rape incident, he said that he’s sure the government will not pass strict laws against rapists, and will not strengthen mechanisms for non bailable offences, because half the ministers sitting in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are themselves criminals and they will all go to jail, the moment such acts are passed.

The session included active interactions, where Kejriwal was seen taking questions from the audience. However, the session did not attract the footfall most expected it to attract and therefore it largely remained a low-key event.

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