Make a Difference(MAD)-Girls Camp

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Make A Difference (MAD) Delhi hosted its first Dream Camp for girls at Chattravas shelter home in East of Kailash this weekend. As the name suggests, the purpose of the camp was to motivate the children to dream bigger – aim higher. It was meant to encourage them to think about their future, set tasks for themselves and work hard towards achieving their goals.

Catering to 136 girls, the day started with a treasure hunt. Filled with puzzles and games, it was a great way to get the girls excited about the day. The first event of the day was a motivational talk by Dr. Mukesh Sethia, who told them various stories and taught them how to deal with day-to-day problems like stress, anger, hopelessness, etc.

Following this was a very interesting talk by Wing Commander Anupma Monga, who talked to the girls about her own life, how she decided to join the Air Force, what all challenges she faced, and how she overcome them. The girls were inspired by her story; they wanted to know more about their future options, especially in the government and defence forces. After this, people from the Corporate Executive Board came, who told them about various other professions such as singing, dancing, art, etc. They encouraged the students to think about entrepreneurship; each of them was made to think of an idea for a business they would want to start.

It was not all talk and no show; the talks were followed by the event Limitless Ramp organised by NIFT, who enlightened the girls about careers in the fashion industry. The girls were divided into groups and told to design a costume for their ‘MAD teacher’. Once their design was complete, they were given some fake currency, and told to buy materials from a market that had been set up in the room, and make the costume. The girls were ecstatic! The day didn’t end here. They had a Cultural Extravaganza, where they were taught about other countries: their language, their food, their dresses, etc. The last event of the day was AD MAD – where the girls made products about of waste material and advertised it for sale through a jingle.

The event was a great success, and the girls wanted a camp every month. A couple of them talked about joining the police, doing computer design and becoming a teacher, etc. The dream camp lived up to its name – it helped the girls realise that dreams can come true. A round of applause to the entire team of MAD!


Adita Bhatia
[email protected]

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