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Cafe Fusion 101

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The café looks like a small portion cut out from a plush restaurant. The ambience is soothing and very relaxed. The music adds to the over-all experience. The best part, you can request your melodies. They have everything from The Beatles and The Doors to Gotye. The little painting on the wall keeps the restaurant from looking like too serious a place.

Coming to the menu, they have an extensive one. It is mecca for vegetarians, being an all-vegetarian restaurant. The restaurant offers wraps, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and a large variety of shakes and drinks. The Spicy Paneer Wrap and the Achari Wrap are homely and superbly tasty. Burgers come with fries and coleslaw. The french fries are not just salted, but have a sprinkle of spices that delight the palate.

Their specialty sauce, the Aioli sauce is to die for. It tastes good with almost every savoury item they provide. The cheese sticks come with four selections of sauces and are delicious. The Paneer Tikka comes with a delicious marinade and the little burnt flavour gives it a different taste.

The presentation is neat and clean. The shakes are made with much care and they take feedback regarding them.

The prices are not exactly student-friendly, but reasonable for birthday parties and if shared. It is worth it, though. The space for writing messages and feedback on post-its adds a personal touch to the restaurant. The staff is casual, friendly and helpful. Questions about the dishes are answered without any qualms, and suggestions are welcome.

Anugrah Gopinath, a student of Sri Venketashwara College says that the restaurant has “good service, very hospitable environment and can easily knock QD’s or any other established outlet in Satya off the pedestal, provided they include non-vegetarian food in their menu.”

Vishnu Vardhan, an English Honours student found that there was “good food, bad drinks. It had innovative sauces and sides. It was slightly costly, as compared to alternatives offering similar food. Nice ambience.”


Shreya Mudgil
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