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The Blue Door Café

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Situated in the midst of Khan Market, this café boasts of a large menu including a sumptuous breakfast followed by pastas, salads, risottos, sandwiches, savoury crepes… and we haven’t even reached the main entrees yet! They also serve fondues, waffles and mouth-watering sinful deserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. One gets to choose from a wide variety of drinks to quench their thirst or just something to go along with their dish- Juices, shakes, smoothies, along with a wide range of options for tea and coffee.Although, while placing the order, one must be very clear about whether they prefer veg or non-veg as the café does tend to mix up orders at times!

Each serving is quite filling when it comes to quantity and is also affordable promising not to burn a hole in your pocket. Quality wise too, the food is worth a try! Coming to the ambience- the entry through the blue door into the café leads one into a lively room with a bright green and serene white colour scheme and decent music playing in the background. The walls have been decorated with interesting paintings to look at and probably ponder over while you enjoy your meal.

But the one thing that you cannot leave without trying at this place is, The Crepes. The desert section is capable of leaving one confused what to pick as everything on the menu seems to make you drool! For those who love apple-based deserts, the Crepe Anglaise is what you are looking for. This desert consists of a crepe with caramelized apple stuffing and a topping of homemade butterscotch finished with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and served with a dollop of fresh cream- An absolute delight and probably the best way to finish your meal. Overall, the café is definitely worth a try.

Image Credits: Additi Seth

[email protected];A History Hons student studying in LSR. Passionate about Photography; Considers herself to be a Big Foodie. AND, a major Chelsea supporter. Currently holds the position of a Community Engagement Head in DU Beat.

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