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JMC’s Administrative Block

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The administrative block of JMC is unlike any other found in the university colleges. Located within the corridors of the main JMC building, the administrative block has the look of a well-established private office. As you enter the office you will definitely stop to admire the false ceiling, sophisticated wooden cabinets and the working desks. The room temperature, because of the air conditioning, is so comfortable that it makes you want to stay longer in the office.

The administrative clerical in JMC is definitely a pampered lot and remarkably this is not accompanied by any slack in work. The proceedings are carried out in a very organised and systematic manner. Chaos and long queues are a rare sight. Most often, happy faces can be seen coming out of the office doors. Students remain contended as their work gets done quickly and efficiently. A third year student, Shinny exclaimed, “The staff is very friendly and helpful, and I have always had a good experience while getting my work done.”

The work environment here in JMC is very conducive and healthy. Nevertheless, some students do feel differently and commented, “We admit that our work gets done proficiently, but the clerks have an immense attitude problem, they rebuke us and always bring us down complaining against our casualness”. However, the atmosphere that is very typical of a college administrative office is to a very significant degree absent here. The head clerk sincerely expressed, “It is our duty to ensure the timely completion of accounts and it gives us great satisfaction to resourcefully assist the students”. She further added on by saying, “Our attitude is very straight forward. We tackle different students according to their varied requirements, and we appreciate the fact that everybody’s time is precious”.

It is very evident that JMC’S administration block is a composed place where students and officials voluntarily cooperate and co-exist.

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