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Sex Amma

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Amma… Hello, I’m a girl and studying in girl college…always surrounded with girls and there is no opportunity to meet and date with guys at all…what to do??!

And second question is, I have friend of mine…m a girl she is a girl too. I guess I love her… whenever she with me m so happy when she is not here m upset…soooo…smtmz she hugs me to support me…at that time I wanna kiss her to lips. ..Have a sex. I think I love her but she doesnt know…I want her. If she will become to knw about that she will avoid me and never speak with me.

I know it is wrong thats why looking for guy not become abnormal…thank you..



Ahh, my poor, perplexed little machchi. Amma’s heart goes out to you.  There comes a time in all our lives when we are faced with questions whose answers could alter our lives drastically. You, my sweet coconut pudding, seem to be in a similar situation.

Kanna, despite what those around you might tell you, falling in love with someone from the same sex is neither abnormal nor a sin. In fact, Amma finds the idea quite scintillating. *wink*

If you’re throwing your net around to catch the male species only because you want to be ‘normal’, then you’re going to catch all the wrong fish. What you need to figure out, as of now, is whether you like the puttu pipe or the vessel that it goes into, if you know what I mean. *winks, again*

And if by the end of this hopefully eye opening reflection upon your sexual preferences, you would have found out which way you want to swing. And if you want to dip your, ahem, feet in both pools and live by Amma’s Golden Rule of more is always better, that’s fine too!

And don’t forget, if he/she can’t accept your louve, it’s better to move on than to hang around hoping they’d come running into your arms, full on Bollywood style. Even Yash Chopra’s taken his leave now.


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