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A Step in the Right Direction-Design Innovation Centre

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Taking the concept of innovation further, the Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) at Delhi University, will now be setting up a Design Innovation Centre after receiving approval from the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

This decision was taken to foster creativity and innovative education among undergraduate students while also focusing on research. As of now, the centres are only available to students who have taken up courses at the CIC, like B.Tech in innovation with mathematics & IT and B.Tech in Humanities. Officials hope to expand accessibility of the same to other DU colleges in the future.

The Centre will provide under graduate and post graduate diplomas in Design Innovation as well as facilities for planning and implementation of various projects. It will cover areas such as Electronics, Communication, Urban Infrastructure, Transport and Education, while laying emphasis on concept generation, image development, prototype development and so on. The labs that will be set up under this system include Media and Graphics Lab, Rapid Prototype Lab, Software Lab, Modelling and Simulation Lab, amongst others.

In the era of growth and cutting edge technology, this step is definitely in the right direction to help provide students with a conducive and well equipped environment for innovation and creativity.

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