Hans Raj College

The Fashion Society of Hansraj College

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Hansraj College is one of the few co-ed colleges in Delhi University that has a fashion society. And within a short span of time, this society has earned a very good reputation in the DU fashion circuit.

“Shunali Moza founded this society in 2010, and it has grown into a big society since then.”, says Prasiddi, a member. The society meets on a regular basis, and discusses themes, costumes and everything related to putting up fashion shows. They talk about oncoming college competitions and their themes and plan their actions accordingly. “Last year, the theme for BITS Pilani fashion show was Road Trip and the theme for the DU fest was ‘Rise of the Dead’, so based on themes we plan our outfits.”, adds Prasiddi.

One common assumption you are likely to make is that since it’s a fashion society, it would be a having a designer as well. But that’s not the case. All such work is done by the members of the society only. “We pick up random clothes and accessories from the market and style them according to the theme”, says Prasiddi. Although they sometimes hire a choreographer to teach them different poses and styles of walking and making dramatic appearances while performing.

The achievement list of the society is impressive. They won the competition at SRCC and SSCBS this year, were finalists in BITS Pilani last year and Prasiddi won the best model at SRCC this year too.

Though the society is officially registered, they were not allowed to put up posters for fresher auditions, for no apparent explained reason. However, Prasiddi says, “We already have a lot of people, we just need 2 more, for BITS pilani next month. We are famous all over DU, it’s going great.”






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