Sex Amma

Sex Amma

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Hi, I am fourteen years old and yesterday I was rubbing my thing down there while watching American Pie. Suddenly, white viscous liquid spurted out. I am very scared. Does this mean I have lost my virginity? It did feel really good. Can you hook me up with someone who can help me in the future? It took and aweful long time this time, approximately three hours. I was hoping to clock it under ten minutes.


Now this is one of our good kiddos, gave Amma exactly the kind of imagery that’ll give her sleepless nights! Eeeeeekh! So now that Amma is done going through the setting, the activity, the ‘climax’ and well, anti- climax, let’s get to the yissue.

My sweetest, you are at the doorstep of teenage so many and most of these sudden changes are normal. Your hormones are doing overtime, that is causing the physical set of changes like the one you got all graphic about above. And the same hormones can be held responsible for the emotional changes, anxiety is one.

A good person to talk to would be a counsellor; you might have access to one at school. Talking to your parents if you are this open with them is a very good idea too.

And three hours you say, that is probably because you were watching AMERICAN PIE 1, Amma suggests watching American Pie Beta House, yuuumm never mind. So do talk to a trusted elder and next time when you are planning to take matters into your own hand, try not going all Usain Bolt and clocking the thing down!


You could mail Amma your queries on the ‘hush hush’ topic a[email protected].

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