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Must-Have Apps For Y’All

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1. Evernote – Free Available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, WebOS, Maemo,BlackBerry and Google Wave, it’s considered the ultimate note-taking tool that keeps your notes in sync between devices. You can also record audio notes, store images, and keep all of this info well-organized with the help of notebooks and tags. 2. Grades: Student Organizer – $0.99 This Android app promises to help you get better grades! Based on a person’s ‘goal grade,’ the app tells you to required grade needed in the next test to bump up your score. It is yet another powerful organizational tool for students, featuring options like attendance monitoring, teacher and professor contact information storage, an advanced calendar and others. 3. My Student Budget Planner – Free It helps you to establish what you can spend each week, tracks your spending, stores your progress, re-calculates week-on-week so that you stay within budget. Thus, download My Student Budget Planner for Android to start keeping track of your spending. 4. Trackclass – Free  This app (available on iPhone, iPad and Android) is useful as it allows you to add classes and events for each class, attach files, receive reminders for upcoming events, take notes and view all the information at a glance on a Dashboard. One can even attach files to each class and assignment to keep things organized. It is a great way for students to stay organized. 5. Alarm Clock Xtreme – Free This Android app is for all those people who simply can’t get up in the morning. You can set it to wake up gently and gradually, set a variable snooze duration, and even set it to so you have to solve math problems before it will turn off the alarm. The app also features a countdown timer and allows you to set reminder alarms for events throughout the day. 6. Textalazyer – $0.99 Alcohol and texting are a potent combination. This interesting little app (available on the iPhone) is a boon for those nursing broken hearts. If helps people by not enabling them to drunk dial their ex. First, one has to enter contacts in the ‘forbidden contacts’ list and to later access this list, one has to go through a series of tough memory and concentration questions. Hence, saved from embarrassment. Problem solved.   Riddhi Dayal [email protected]]]>

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