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Sex Amma

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My boyfriend and I have been dating each other for 8 months now. We are very open to each other when we talk about physical things like sex and all. However he knows more about sex, foreplay, positions and other things. Sometimes i feel i don’t know how to have sex. What a girl should know about sex, protection, foreplay, types of kisses, making out  etc. Sometimes i don’t even know what a girlfriend should do except the emotional part like talking to your boyfriend,  please give me some advice on this so i don’t feel lost when i have sex in the future even if it after marriage.
Thank you


My poorest macchhi why be so hard on yourself? So what if your partner knows how to steam the idlies right? Most girls, unlike you would be overjoyed by this fact! But Amma must compliment you on the fact that you two are open with each other. And this should help you be honest with him. Also there will come a point when he runs out of this knowledge- I hope not though!!

But then there are those days when you want to climb to the top of the conversation coconut tree, for those times Amma suggests you research the internet. Look for specific topics such as foreplay or casual making out. Cause if Amma starts writing about each of those topics, she could go on and on like the backwaters of Alleppey!

Unlike the word Malayalam that sounds right no matter how you read it, your problem is not much of a problem as it is somewhat of a complex you have, which can easily be overcome once you talk it out with your partner. Till then yenjoii your partners knowledge stash of naughty tricks!


You could mail Amma your queries on the ‘hush hush’ topic a[email protected].

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