KMC Musoc’s Surmanjari: A Curtain Raiser

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The 25th edition of Surmanjari, the annual fest of Musoc, the Music Society of Kirori Mal College will be held on on 1-2 March. While the fest would see a spectrum of Western and Indian Music competitions being held, the highlight would be the Musoc Concert. ‘This That’, the new in-house band of the society will also gig in the concert.

The Musoc is among the most reputed college music societies in the country, having produced renowned singers like KK, Gaurav Bangia and Shamit Tyagi, Valentine Shipley and the band Parikrama. It’s an Indian cum Western music society where every member performs both the forms of music. Surmanjari is the oldest music fest in the University.

On the day 1 of the fest, the prelims for the Indian and the Western Choir  will be held. This would be followed by the Musoc concert which is scheduled to start at 12 noon. The set-list for the Musoc concert this year includes songs by AR Rahman, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Coke Studio and Vishal-Shekhar. The concert would be a 3 hour affair. This year, the society’s new band ‘This That’ will put up its first public performance. Pranav Pahwa, a Jazz fusion guitar player and the ex president of the society would also play during the concert. “Fusion music with Carnatic vocals going into modern funk, or a set of vocalists that are trained in Indian Classical music and are equally good at singing western songs with complex harmonies, Musoc’s performance is a reflection of stellar instrumentation and outstanding vocals”, says Shruti Badri, the president of Musoc. A few pass-outs of the society will join the current members for the performance of an original composition by the choir.

A footfall of about 4000 students is expected during the fest, with majority of it for the Musoc concert. “Students from across the campus, even the South Campus come over to attend the concert. Last year’s concert was a big hit amongst the students and we are expecting an even better response this year”, says Parth Sharma, a second year Musoc member.

The day 2 of the fest would see a number of musical competitions being held. The finals for the Indian and the Western choir, the solo Indian Music competition, and the solo Western Music competition will be held. Unlike other solo Indian music events, in Surmanjari, participants are not allowed to sing to ghazals, folk or semi-classical music songs.

The entry for the concert is free for students.


Photo Credits: Shaleen Seth

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