Tempest – Miranda House’s fest: A Curtain Raiser

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Tempest, the annual cultural festival of Miranda House will kick off tomorrow and promises to be bigger and better. Scheduled for the 23-24-25 February, Tempest is based on the theme ‘Apocalypse’. This year, a number of new competitions will be held during the fest. The ‘Rock Night’ will see a performance by the band Parikrama. The Hindi Metal band Nigambodh will open for Parikrama.

The day 1 of the fest will see a number of events happening back to back. The Entrepreneurship Cell of the college will for the first time since its inception hold competitions during the fest. Their signature event is the ‘End of Times Sales’. For the photography competition, the participants have to cover the fest and submit their best shots. The Rangoli making competition, environment base collage making competition, the quiz competition, the western music competition for solo category will all be held on the first day. The major event for the day will be ‘The Final Act’- the bilingual stage play competition. The day will conclude with the DJ night.

The day 2 will kick off with ‘Dhol Pitara’ the street play competition. The Indian Dance events, the poster making and the mask making competitions, the documentary film making competition and Shama Kohli Memorial debate will all be held on the second day. Another interesting event is the ‘Green Revival’ in which teams have to come prepared with an environmental problem along with the solution that they suggest for it. Other teams will get some time to suggest answers for each problem. Teams will be judged based on the problems they discuss, the solution they suggest for their own problem and for those of other teams. The highlight of the day will be the ‘The Last Step’, the western dance competition.

On the last day of the fest, a number of fun events will be held. The t-shirt designing, the tattoo making, the adventure club treasure hunt, ad-mad, film screening, the Indian and Western Music events will all be held on day 3. Along with the creative writing competition being organized by the Gandhi Study circle, a creative writing competition in Braille will also be held for the visually challenged students. In the Off-site choreography competition, teams will perform at 11 different spots in the Miranda House campus.

The fest will conclude with a performance by the bands Nigambodh and Parikrama. The music that Nigambodh plays has seen its lyrics in Hindi. They rely heavily on spiritual, classical Indian texts in order to churn out pieces of songs that speak of existential psychological dilemmas faced by the youth today. The root of their music lies in their ability to transcend genres and appeals to both, the posh and the local, the young and the old.

Talking about the unusual theme of the fest, Daisy the president of the Miranda House students’ union said “When we think of the year 2012, the end of the world flashes into our mind. So we decided to hold Tempest on this theme. We, however, are talking about it in a positive sense”.So get yourself registered for the fest or buy the passes before their run out of stock.

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