SRCC Crossroads Day 1

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The gargantuan line in front of the SRCC gates today morning was testimony to the fact that Crossroads, the much anticipated cultural fest of SRCC had finally begun. The popularity of the fest was attested by the fact that swarms of people were converging in on the college from all directions.

Day 1 served to be a curtain raiser of sorts loaded with fun events from across the spectrum. For the adventure sport lovers, Travelers Society events – rock climbing, zorbing, dodge ball proved to be irresistible.

The Rodeo continued to be a crowd puller through the entire day with the strong hearted being unable to keep away and the weak hearted caught in a to-be-or-not-to-be dilemma of sorts. Obviously the food aspect of the fest did not disappoint. Every possible cuisine was up on display to indulge the foodie in you. Gully cricket, which went on for the major part of the day paid tribute to the inherent cricket lover within all in the current generation.

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