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Skeleton Woman – The Annual Production of Lady Shri Ram College

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‘The Skeleton Woman’ was applauded at SRCC’s annual theatre festival ‘Histrionica 2012’ for the bravery in their choice of script and use of techniques seldom used on stage. It was also one of the six short listed plays at National School of Drama’s Campus theatre festival. Garima Jaju says that “One of the greatest challenges faced by us was to build a romantic heterosexual chemistry required between the characters and to break the monotony of mundane daily life activities that we are trying to depict, during our performance.” Through the course of the writer’s journey to success we realize that the world of fantasy and the domestic space constantly overlaps. Thus, the skeleton woman is neither a mere figment of his imagination nor just a metaphor. Where a memory ends and imagination takes over is hard to say. The biggest asset of this play is that the reality it portrays leaves a lot to the imagination of the audience, giving them a choice to pick the reality they seem most fitting for the characters. Pragya Lal [email protected] ]]>

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