Baila – The Western Dance Competition at Tarang 2012

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One of the most eagerly anticipated events of Tarang 2012 took place at 3:30pm in the auditorium yesterday. As expected the queue to watch this event resembled an overflowing Yamuna. The ten teams which were competing showed great variety in their performances and had the audience whistling, hooting and applauding in encouragement through the course of the event.

Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce started the show with immense energy, their expressions and formations were exceptional. Jesus and Mary College’s dance society ‘Mudra’ displayed great co-ordination, their song choices, skilful use of props, agility and overall tashan stole the show. The suspender wearing ‘Panache’ of SRCC kept changing the mood of the audience by alternating between a solemn and a party song. NIEC’s ‘Dazzlers’ must be given a special mention for their effortless lifts and for using the most unique prop – a rickshaw, during their performance. The performance of Sri Venkateswara College’s ‘Verve’ was marked with headstands, one handed handstand and innovative use of frames. The eccentric song choices of IP College from ‘chikni chameli’ to Govinda’s yesteryear hits was applauded by the audience, the performers seemed to have a great time on stage. The costume of KMC’s ‘Sensation’ changed colours in different lighting; they were the only team to use elements of robotic dance during their performance.

Girl’s colleges dominated the competition; DRC’s ‘Zenith’ was a perfectly co-ordinated piece and a pure delight to watch. Maitreyi college’s formations, use of elements of puppetry were engaging and interesting. KNC’s ‘Enigma’s piece was extremely enjoyable and enigmatic. The noise in the auditorium reached a crescendo when LSR stepped on to perform in the end. They chose to not compete in this event and brought it to a fitting close with great finesse and élan.

The winners of Baila 2012 were:

1st – JMC

2nd – Maitreyi College

3rd – DRC.

Pragya Lal
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