Western Trio Singing at Tarang 2012

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The Western Trio Singing at Tarang 2012 began at 1.30pm amidst an enthusiastic bunch of western music loyalists in the infamous bamboo room H-2. The music resonated well to produce a serene harmonizing effect in the rather crowded room.

Following a two-teams-per-college format, the event was dominated by all-girls performances, particularly from Venkateswara and LSR college western music societies.

The very notable efforts from the Team 2 of Venkateswara of mixing well-controlled humour and good harmonies were greeted  very well from the audiences, even eliciting a smile from each of the judges.

The CBS team of Sagar, Krishan and Shrutika pulled off a very country-themed moment; their performance shaped up pleasantly with many of the audience members singing along and clapping in sync to the popular number.

The last performance by SRCC’s golden ladies seemed a little distinct as the team was not able to provide a cohesive unity, much to the dismay of the performers.

Just as the results were being compiled by the judges, Kamakshi and Nirupan performed ‘Look Into My Eyes’ by Bryan Adams to entertain the audience. Their chemistry or perhaps the lack of it added a very comical note to the waiting. The ‘Kamasutra’ song by the WMS veterans also worked as a time-filler.

The competiton was won by the team of Sophie, Gitana, and Sadhvi from LSR. Second prize was awarded to Esther, Rebecca and Imwabamgla from JMC, and the third prize went to Krishna, Ketan and Chaitanya from Venky.

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