World Cup Ahoy!

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The effect that a cricket match has on the country is surreal especially if its a World Cup game.  So much so that it is a language; cricket fanatics would know what I’m talking about as they would have had their fair share of  ‘arey score kitna ho gaya?’ moments. From the roadside vendor to the security guard, from the local grocery store guy to a big corporate honcho, during the World Cup, there really is only one thing thats plays on every one’s mind- the cricket. DUB spoke to some interesting people in and around campus, whether the person is a fan or not, there are always wonderful WC anecdotes to share.

Talking about one such glorious World Cup memory, Mr Johnson, security head at Sri Venkateswara College says,”Meri duty lagti thi Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium mein aur wahan par Azharuddin ney Pakistan ke khilaf century maari thi. Tabse mein unki batting hamesha dekhta  tha. Captain the woh 1996 World Cup mein aur semifinal tak India gayi thi“. When asked about how he plans to watch the cricket if it coincides with work hours, “Mai toh hamesha apney saath radio lekar ghumta hun aur commentary sunta hun.

Iss baar India ka hi World Cup hai, hamari team bahut acchi hai aur hamesha ki tareh Sachin ko accha khelna padhega“, he further goes on to say commenting on India’s chances at the World Cup.

Narrating another such memory of the World Cup, a Political Science professor of Kirori Mal College says, “The only thing that I can remember of that which encapsulates the whole frenzy and madness in this country for cricket is that during my studying days at Jawarharlal Nehru University, a blind man knew the exact timings of when Sunil Gavaskar completed his centuries. Moments like these are something that you never forget”. However he also feels that cricket today is not the same and condemns the increasing role of money and corrupt bureaucrats in cricket and believes that such elements have tarnished the image of the game.

Commenting on the same issue, a professor at Lady Shri Ram College says, “All of these matches are rigged and corrupt people earn money out of it. The essence of cricket is somewhat lost now. I no longer have any enthusiasm for it”.

Cricket enthusiasts of DU are keeping their fingers crossed to see a repeat of the ’83 win. Says Nishant, one of the hundreds of cricket enthusiasts of DU, “Its India’s time, and now men in blue have the home advantage as well.” However, many hope that India’s hosting of WC doesn’t turn out to be another fiasco like the CWG. According to Madhavi Jain, a DU student, “ The Indian sports authorities need to redeem themselves ensuring that CWG mismanagement is not repeated.”

Is there a possibility that the recent Twenty20 matches and the upcoming IPL tournament are stealing the limelight from the WC? “The WC is losing its former charisma. The anticipation for this international event is not as much as before. People’s interest has shifted to the t20 and IPL as they enjoy the patronage of the Glitterati,” feels Ankur, another DU student.

As the cricket fervour grips students at Delhi University, there are also a section of people who are clueless about the hoopla surrounding the Cricket World Cup. A BA Programme student at LSR says, “I’m not a fan and I don’t intend to watch the World Cup. Moreover I think football is more interesting than cricket”.

Rohan Seth

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Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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