Semester System Implementation

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More Issues Arise

If we are to go by what the ‘neutral’ teachers have to say, the semester system for the Arts and Commerce stream is in all probability going to be initiated in Delhi University within the next couple of years, if not this forthcoming session.

Now the question remains whether DU will conduct exams in the semester format for the upcoming batch or not. If the VC’s interaction with the teachers and students serves as any indication, anti-semester protests are in all likelihood expected to grow in the upcoming months. The interaction with the university community was the VC’s effort to vindicate the  ‘undemocratic’ image of the decision to implement the semester system for all courses. However, it turned out to be a protestation as teachers confounded Dinesh Singh and his team with a legion of questions.

Dinesh Singh following in the footsteps of the former VC is adamant on scrapping the annual mode, however there no official message or circular has been sent to colleges yet. A Professor at Miranda House says, “We haven’t received any order to revise the syllabus for the semester system. Till the time there is no communication from the University, I cannot comment on whether it is going to be in place for the next session”

Further talking about the ills of the semester system she says,” The Science courses have been facing innumerable problems because of this action. Students have to to face a long time gap before moving on to the next semester. Corrections aren’t happening properly due to paucity of time. Moreoever, examination papers are being evaluated by professors that don’t even teach that subject.”

A Political Science Professor at Sri Venkateswara College says, “Owing to the syllabus change in Political Science Honours and all the talk about the semester system, professors in DU have been reluctant to write books for the revised syllabus. As a result the course material available is insufficient.”

DUTA hasn’t conceded to the decision and it is expected to raise the issue again in the coming weeks.

Rohan Seth

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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