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Uncommonly Messy

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There are only around two months left before the opening ceremony. Yes, two months, and many of the venues are awaiting completion. What’s worse, students have been paying the price for the overhauling of the city
The construction around Delhi has caused various hazards for students. The main arteries of north campus are mostly dug up, eating up the already modest pavements, leaving you to fend for yourself in the middle of traffic. Colleges in and around CP have been suffering from such problems too.
If that was not enough, almost all north campus college grounds have been seized since last session for renovation. Sportingly-inclined students have to make do with the indoor facilities and basketball courts (used for impromptu cricket sessions or 5-a-side football). Add to this the increase in time spend getting to/back from college. The dug-up roads have added 10 minutes to an hour, based on whether its peak hours or not. U-specials have become even less punctual (but they’ve always been moody).
Room rentals have hiked in PGs where the athletes will be staying because the committee decided to jazz-up these accommodations. Rebecca George of JMC feels that the increased rates are forced on them. “We didn’t ask them to upgrade our PG. They don’t care if we can’t afford the new rent.”
It’s not just rude weather that’s plaguing Delhi’s efforts to get ready in time for its gold-medal moment, come October. There are a few eye-catching changes, especially the refurbished Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, whose interiors might make you go “wow…” Sadly, many top athletes have decided to skip the games and Queen Elizabeth II won’t be gracing Delhi either, citing a ‘busy social calendar’ as her reason. Given the new concerns over safety, Delhi’s other invited guests may soon be sending regrets as well. Watch this space.

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