And it Begins

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DU Beat gets you the first impressions of some fachchas from Delhi University.

Step one – Look Straight, Step two – Walk straight, Strep Three – Be confident. Step four – Forget it all and simply enjoy the experience.
Despite my apprehensions, we were not ragged. As boring as it may sound, it was a better way to have ourselves introduced to an entirely new world.
Within few days the misinterpretations and hesitations of an all girls’ college have been dumped out of my mind. Where I thought I’ll witness a world taking care of what they need to wear, all that I’ve seen in the genesis is a world which believes in being themselves. I dare deny that I don’t have inhibitions since I have come across exceptional talent in the very beginning, yet I have also come across highly encouraging teachers who appreciate learning and suggestions.
As for the butterflies in the tummy are concerned, I am already craving the infamous Kathi Rolls served in our Café’.

Vanshika Singh
BA (Hons) English

‘College is a new beginning, a fresh start, back to zero’.
Though I expected my first day of college to be vastly different from school, I’m glad that I can say that in its essence- it wasn’t. Coming from DPS Mathura Road, I have spent years being fiercely independent and gaining appreciation for the same. I still maintain that it is the hardest school to survive in, one which prepares its students for everything. At LSR, I saw that what the institution expects out of its girls is that they have the courage to change into women. That courage lies within me because of my school but I trust my college life to probe it out and teach me how it is to be used. A short day, but power packed- the twenty first of July 2010 was one day that I know I will remember for years to come. But what the spirit of LSR has really inspired me to do is look back after three years and see how far I’ve come. Because right now, life has just begun.

Shirin Rai Gupta
BA (Hons) English

Assembly (yes, Assembly, just like school, except without the uniforms) was at 9.05AM precisely and I skidded into the hall four minutes to it. The lights went out just as it started, so I don’t remember much besides gasping for breath and fanning myself with my phone cover. The professor for our first class didn’t show up, so after 20 minutes of waiting for him, a few of us dared to venture out of the building and into the cafe (with an accent, but my keyboard doesn’t allow that. Sorry SSC), where the seniors were. As it turns out, having family in the same college means nothing- she turned me over to the third years as soon as she saw me.
After the last class, a bunch of us History and Philosophy students hung around Kamla Nagar for a while- because as we’ve been told, ‘first years always think they own the place when they get into North Campus’. We were just living up to our reputation. Also, we were hungry. My first day, that.

Esther Anne Victoria Moraes
B.A. (Hons) History
St. Stephens

DU, especially CBS, was always a dream but the clack hole in this big dream of mine was the fear of ragging. My first day at college was all but what I had dreaded it to be. Amicable seniors, concerned teachers and festivity welcomed me. New, unknown faces dressed in their best, stared right into my eyes saying, “Hi, I am XYZ.” Life seemed brand new after 14 years of school. And I thought, “This should be good.”
I am glad where I am today. Because it is showing signs of being absolutely brilliant.

Shubhda Hirawat
SS College of Business Studies

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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