Societies Unraveled

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Now that the first week is past and the grind of classes has begun, freshers, keep your eyes peeled for audition notices while we tell you a little about the societies that can be a huge part of your three years.

The Drama/ Street Play Society: Be it stage productions or street plays, the drama societies of every college no doubt add the colour to campus with their mind-blowing performances. Being part of the drama society also comes with long hours of practice at getting your act just right plus oodles of fun.
The Debating Society: Debaters are generally the ones you see in D-school (in North Campus at least) discussing politics, economy, philosophy or just how awesome the last tournament was. The ‘Debsocs’ require awareness of current issues, a grasp of logic, a willingness to learn and practice and an insatiable capacity for living it up!
The Film and Photography Society: These are the people you just can’t get hold of because they are busy watching, swapping, discussing movies or the ones who stumble all the time since they only see the world through their lens. All you need is a camera and a love for the motion picture!
The ‘Choreo’ Society: They revel in themes, songs and choreography. They dance till they drop [literally] and swear by the intoxication. If that’s your passion, then this society promises you a brilliant, jiving three years.

The Fashion Society: They are the budding fashionistas, adding the ‘oomph factor’ to any college and they demand the attitude, hard work, patience and a sense of style that is a must for anyone on the ramp.

The Indian/Western Music Society: All the jamming and singing which provides a lovely break from the monotony of classes is the Music Society. Knowing how to play an instrument, a good voice or just a finely tuned ear for music is all you need to be a part of these performers!

And there are more, just look closely on every notice-board you see. There’s something for everyone who loves panel discussions, the environment, MUNs, art…the list is endless!

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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