CWG Training

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The boisterous zeal with which students attended the Commonwealth Games Volunteering Program was the central theme at Amity University, Noida. An astounding 30,000 volunteers were being trained since early June when the sessions began.
The tight schedule begins at 8.30 in the morning and goes on till around 5 in the evening. In the completed sessions, about 500 volunteers were divided into blue and yellow groups and team-work enhancing sessions, light- hearted exercises and informatory sessions about the games were carried out. This was followed by a rather simple lunch.
Thereafter, the volunteers were sub-divided into five groups and were trained to greet guests, handle complex situations, undertake group tasks and were taught the importance of a good volunteer.
“It was a nice experience, the events and the seminars were very entertaining”, said Sana after attending her training program. The sessions were highly interactive with usage of multimedia technology such as training videos, patriotic songs and PowerPoint slides.
The Delhi United Team officials have two more sets of training sessions planned for the volunteers. After the general training, venue specific and role specific training will also take place. Role-specific training will depend on the capabilities of a volunteer and accordingly responsibilities will be designated, according to Vipul Sharma of the Delhi United Team. After all the three training sessions, there would be an Event Leadership program for the volunteers giving them an understanding of being a good leader, which is the central theme of Delhi United Team.

Malvika Tripathi and Mehak Batra

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