Cat Or Ca(N’)T?

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The Common Aptitude Test results were declared on the 28th of Feburary this year. However the prevailing sentiment around the university and the 2,41,000 aspirants who took this finger-biting management exam in the country largely echoes disappointment.
Some students have in fact expressed complete shock. Says, Anwesha who took the CAT 2009 and was rather surprised by her disastrously unexpected result says, “It was a big shock. After the mismanagement in holding the exam, we expected the results to be clear and uniform. However, I’ve seen the most unpredictable pattern this year. In the mocks, we were always prepared with a certain pattern and were accustomed to the difficulty level. But this year, unexpectedly we were faced with 60 easy questions which erodes the chances of securing a good percentile given that results are relative.”
Similar responses have been recorded from students who were sure of their performances but feel they have not been marked appropriately. Arushi, another aspirant cites that in spite of calibre, intelligence and proper practice, an ingredient which is required these days to make it to the elite corridors of IIMs is got to do with one’s luck. Although this seems may seem slightly over exaggerated, most students have expressed similar thoughts, calling this an important factor.
In spite of the technical glitches that occurred in November while conducting the exam on a country wide scale, some have still made it to their dream colleges. Interestingly, a third year Stephenian Hiba, whose exam got cancelled thrice before she actually wrote it, waited for 4-5 hours at the examination centre before learning that it got rescheduled and got her admit card the evening before the actual exam, has managed to secure a 96 percentile and is hopeful of getting admission in a good institute.
However, one might consider the students allegations on mishaps of results and non transparent criteria of receiving calls as not entirely justified keeping in mind the success of those who managed to receive calls from the prestigious management institutes.
The success story of Urvashi Gupta of SRCC, who received a call from IIM-Ahmedabad after securing 99 percentile, is one such example. As a relief to most taking the CAT 2010, she says that she started her preparation only 3 months before the exam and focused to a large extent on the online tests available on site of coaching institutes. She has also witnessed unexplained results in her friends groups and is hopeful that justice shall prevail to the hard workers.
Each IIM has a different criterion of calling students for personal interviews and this year IIM-A has given weight age to Class 10 and 12 grades as well and IIM-B has come up with certain credit to work experience.
DUBling’s view: Given the present situation, one ought to be prepared with a fall back option. For now, all we can say is its best not to hype the exam to an extent where it is impossible to deal with the results. All we can hope for is a bright future for all deserving candidates.

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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