Revisiting Kalidasa’s Abhijnana-Shakuntalam

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20th-21st Jan, Miranda House

Kalidasa’s Abhijnana Shakuntalam occupies a significant position in the history of Indian classical texts and surprisingly, many of these issues covered in this celebrated text have an uncanny resemblance with today’s ideology. The ideologies belong to 19th century elite Indian societies influenced by Brahmanical values and occupy a significant role in this day and age. The text is the best possible link which unites history, culture and art. The Department of English, Miranda House organized a one-of-its-kind International Seminar to cover the various aspects of Kalidasa’s text including caste, Brahmanical patriarchy as well as control of sexuality and reproduction.
The talk which was held over a span of two days saw eminent literary figures who enriched the audience with the power of their knowledge. Both the days saw enormous participation from south and north campus colleges. There was a dash of cross cultural harmony observed, especially due to the presence of professors from across the seven seas. Ipshita, An English Honours student, Miranda House affirms, “This was a very rare insight into the life of Kalidasa. It was such an enriching experience, a world-class seminar I would say.”
Another student from Gargi puts across the message,” The moment I saw the posters put up in my college, I just knew that I had to be present for the seminar. Not only did the idea seem interesting and innovative, it also imparted knowledge in a very different way”.

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