Life on Wheels

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“Life on Wheels” is the latest initiative undertaken by the SRCC chapter of the Students in Free Enterprise or SIFE. SIFE is an international network of student leaders representing more than 1,400 universities in 48 countries. Despite the diversity of their backgrounds, these students are brought together by a common desire to lead, inspire and make a difference. In communities around the world, SIFE students are stepping out of the classroom and into the community to use their knowledge and skills to improve the lives of others.

The project is a unique undertaking between SIFE and the Cycle Rickshaw pullers of Delhi University and is supported by the Punjab National Bank. Most cycle rickshaw pullers hire their rickshaws and have to pay a daily rent to owners reducing their earnings. With “Life on Wheels”, SIFE ensured that a few pullers are able to get loans to buy their rickshaws, become their owners and hence don’t have to pay rent. These Rickshaws also have a new design. They have wider and softer cushioned seats, an extended roof, bottle and newspaper holders and a dustbin at the back to keep the area clean. Everyone rickshaw is equipped with a daily copy of Times of India. The backrest is also used for advertisements to generate more revenue for the rickshaw puller.

The Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit at her official residence launched the project on 18th December 2009. She hoped that more could be done for the rickshawallahs especially with the Commonwealth Games around the corner. She also commended SIFE for their extraordinary efforts. SIFE-SRCC has executed successful initiatives in the past like DU Darshan and is expected to churn out many more socially useful projects

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