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Q. I have a lot of difficulties trying to study for my exams. After every 5 minutes I feel the need to go online and check my facebook account. And once I login, I can’t logout. If not facebook, then other social networking sites. I can’t get around to my books. Please help me amma.

A. Aiyo. Facebooking is the bestest time killer if you have nothing to do. But when you have so many words to mug, why waste time checking your friends’ status updates (which also only talk about them not studying). So “de-addict yourself” slowly. Try reducing your facebook time gradually. And avoid unnecessary things like sending friend requests to people you don’t know and adding messages like “you are haawt.. make frandsheep bhith moi”. Study a certain number of topics before you login (again and again). The gods of “no facebook= studies” are with you.

Q. I keep taking breaks while I’m studying. And the break time keeps getting extended. And whenever I take a break, I end up eating something. So I just put on weight and study nothing. I feel worse than I do when I just study nothing. How do I get myself out of this mess?

A. Oho. Queries during examinations are only related to not studying. You have to motivate yourself to study. Your motivation can be as simple as having some fruit (even if it’s the one that got adam-eshwar and eve-entika into trouble) after a definite period of study. This way you’ll eat at definite time intervals and your body metabolism will work fine (I hope). Exams are a matter of a couple of weeks. It’ll all be over soon. In the meantime, all the best my little hardworking students!

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