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Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes

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Director: Guy Ritchie
Cast: Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Mark Strong, Rachel McAdams
Sherlock Holmes is brought to you in a glossy new package – A movie, which portrays the iconic character with a remarkable convergence of innovation and reverence.
The basic plot is woven around Holmes (Downey Jr.) and his partner Watson (Jude Law) as they begin to unfold the murder plot surrounding the mighty Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong), whose occult skills allow him to rise from his grave and kill again. Further on, Watson’s declaration that he will move out of Baker Street permanently because he is engaged creates a tricky situation. This disclosure is compensated by the entry of the femme fatale, Irene Adler (Rachel Adams), a former Holmes love interest who needs his help. The very foundation of Watson’s and Holmes’s relationship is challenged. Watson has plans to marry Mary. Holmes acts like an obsessive jealous lover and the humour rests on their regular bickering. They know each other too well, and it transcends beyond the normal ties, a relationship-that-need-not-be-named.
If the plot seems daunting, worry not. Holmes is an out-an-out adventure film on the lines of ‘The Hound of Baskervilles’. There are a few scenes of such cinematic brilliance as to keep you riveted to the edge of your seats-The dockyard scene and the underground boxing match being the best instances. However if the direction is excellent the special effects are a bit lacking, used sparingly or not at all.
Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes is a treat to watch. A man shown to have a brilliant mind and the ability to solve any mystery comes across as convincing and charming at the same time, and not to forget, he has the enigmatic Jude Law for company as the sidekick Watson. The dialogue between Jude and Robert flows in wit and their bickering can even be compared to married couples. It’s rare to see the lead actors have such crackling on screen chemistry, but again it’s rare to find a movie as enthralling as this one.
Director Guy Ritchie should be showered the much deserved credit. The skill with which he has presented the legendary character on the silver screen is highly remarkable and Downey Jr. too conveys his act with dexterity and precision. The only minute brickbats I could muster are to the make-up of the artists which seemed overdone in parts, and the repetitive nature of some gags. However these are minor issues indeed and the film is undoubtedly a masterpiece.
Don’t miss it for the world!
My rating: 4.5/5

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