Movie Review: Pyaar Impossible

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I am at a loss as to where to begin. From the non- existent story or the blatant lack of effort put in the film; the painful predictability or the frozen faces of actors?
Frankly, I am offended by the lack of respect the Director and Uday Chopra have for the movie patron. We are not retarded that we will accept whatever trash is produced and thrown at us. This movie is casually offensive and downright ridiculous at points.

A self- conscious, unattractive geek is smitten by the most gorgeous, not to mention popular girl on campus. They don’t bother to tell us where this campus is, they do not deem it important enough. Some songs thread together a series of events which show the geek (Uday Chopra) saving the girl ( Priyanka Chopra) from drowning and the girl not thanking him. Oh, she doesn’t even know who saved her as she’s too preoccupied screaming and throwing. Abruptly, albeit conveniently, we are transported to Seven Years Later. Abhay (Chopra) has designed a world altering software, Unity. Again, the director does not feel the need to tell the viewers what exactly the earth- shattering software does. Er, he mentions something about it being able to unite all operating systems.
Sidhu (Dino Morea) a self- proclaimed businessman in slick suits manages to steal Abhay’s software. I shout, “Serves him right!” In a rare bout of bravado, Abhay travels to Singapore to reclaim his software and stand up for himself. There he finds Alisha, still beautiful, still perfect and still unattainable. Enter the most annoying kid ever seen on the big screen and the plot gets stupider still. Uday Chopra pushes all thought of the software to remote reaches of his mind and becomes a loving, submissive nanny to the tyrannical spawn of his beloved. Priyanka Chopra waltzes into office wearing practically nothing; flirts annoyingly with a business partner and is the only one who is consulted for the biggest deal her company has ever made. So what if she is PR Head.

The climax is embarrassing. A seven year old could write wittier dialogues. Priyanka Chopra has a strange accent; I’m still wondering where she got it. Everybody in Singapore is Indian. Uday Chopra’s character is spine- less and contradictory. Dino Morea’s face is frozen in one single expression. Oh, and that little monster girl is not cute.

If somebody offers you free tickets for Pyaar Impossible, run in the opposite direction. And run fast.

My Rating- 0/5

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