DU Darshan

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What with all student haunts filled to the brim, students of the university are always on the lookout for new spots to hangout. Turns out our very own north campus houses several little known sites, which are a lot of fun to visit, of both aesthetic and historical significance.  Students of SIFE(Students in Free Enterprise)-SRCC have started a program called ‘DU Darshan- Know your Campus’ in which students are taken on a fun rickshaw ride around these sites. This tour will take you to places like the flag staff tower which is perched on top of the highest point in the northern ridge, and the Pir Gayab, India’s first observatory dating back to the 14th century and surprisingly an Ashokan Pillar located withing campus. If that doesn’t pique your curiosity enough, there’s always the gothic style Mutiny Memorial, which is supposedly haunted! The most popularly requested sites is the Khooni Khan Jheel. Sounds bloody interesting!

DU Darshan falls into the category of another ‘must-do fun things’ that adds to your special college memories. The two hour tour costs Rs 70 per person and is conducted on weekends or anytime else based on request. All you need to do is call and register.

To register or to know more, contact: Gunjan-9899620529, Mehak-9818511118. You can also visit

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