All The Best

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Last week saw the Old World Theatre Festival coming back to Delhi, completing eight years of outstanding productions, direction and genius performances. This year’s festival was held in tribute of the multifaceted Feroz Abbas Khan. With internationally acclaimed plays like ‘Out Of Bounds’ to the multi-award winning ‘Gandhi, My Father’, Feroz Khan has deeply explored the realms of theatrical representation and motion picture. His contribution in bringing Hindi theatre mainstream recognition was highlighted by showcasing some of his finest productions in this year’s theatre festival, including plays like ‘Salesman Ramlal’, ‘Tumhari Amrita’, ‘Out Of Bounds’ and ‘All The Best’. These plays were performed by none other than seasoned artists including Satish Kaushik, Seema Biswas, Shabani Azmi, Farooque Sheikh and the like.

Directed by Feroz Abbas Khan, ‘All The Best’ is a rip roaring comedy inspired from a famous Marathi play directed by Devendra Pem. The story revolves around three young men – one blind, the other deaf and the third mute (played by Iqbal Azaad, Vrajesh Hirjee and Vikas Kadam) – who fall in love with the same girl (Manasi Joshi). One cannot see her, one cannot hear her and the third cannot speak to her. But love her, they all do. The play, apart from the hilarious script, boasts of established actors who give their own personal touch to the characters. Also, Vrajesh Hirjee (of Golmaal fame) as the deaf man gives a fantastic performance, giving the play meaning in all its quirky senselessness. Declared a laugh riot all the way, All the Best is a must watch for every Feroz Khan fan.

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