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Nail The Art!

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Pink and green and sparkly blue. Colour after colour splashed on. In dots and swirls and stripes. No, it’s not an
M F Hussain painting. It’s nail art!
Nail art has made its foray into the streets of Delhi and from the look of things, it’s here to stay. Available in
malls and salons across the city, it is catching up quickly with the youth. From simple multi-hued polka dots to
floral patterns, from Swaroski crystals to golden baubles – people are letting their imagination run wild.
French manicures are passé. The latest fad is painting your nails with various motifs and designs, tattoo
stickers, crystals and even diamonds! For those seeking instant gratification, computerised motifs are the best
option. Those who want to go for more conventional methods, there’s the creative manual nail art at hand.
Nail piercings are also the rage nowadays. The piercing is usually done on the fourth or the little finger since
they are least frequently used. The process is completely painless and very easy. You can choose to accessorize
them with baubles in gold, silver or bronze or even with miniature teddy bears, ghungroos and rings. Spoilt for
choice indeed!
Stubby nails are no longer a problem. Nail extensions offer quick-fix solutions in the form of artificial nails in
suitable skin tones that are stuck onto your original nails and look totally original. You can choose from acrylic,
silk wraps, gel and fibre sculptured nail extensions. Of these, acrylic extensions seem to be the strongest and
longest lasting. They can last for several weeks and even months depending on the natural nail growth rate.
However, nail art does not come without its set of problems and side effects. Nail paint and tattoos require
special care and should be kept away from water. While choosing jewellery for your nails, you must ensure that
they are sterilised to avoid infections. Nail extensions can be rather painful if they chip or break and can also
give rise to infections and discolour the base nails.
Where do you get nail art done? Easy peasy! Just check in your neighbourhood mall. Most big malls, for
instance – Metropolitan Mall in Gurgaon, Centrestage Mall in Noida and beauty clinics like VLCC in Delhi
offer this service at prices ranging from Rs 100 for a simple colouring job to Rs 2000 for more elaborate designs
involving semi-precious stones.

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