Book review : Stretch Yourself

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[/caption] A philosopher once said “the scope of our lives is far greater than our biggest imagination”. Even geniuses like Edison and Einstein utilized 20 percent of their brain power. So one can visualize how our potential is still untapped and how we can STRETCH OURSELVES to make it happen. And this is exactly what this book talks about. Stretch yourself is a concoction of all the means and techniques one requires to achieve their desires and how to inculcate success into our lives. Ramola Bachan, a socialite rightly quotes “Stretch Yourself is surely the mantra for a new generation of achievers “. The book implies that the human race has always had a limited power of thinking. We do not want to stretch our ambitions and thoughts for SOMETHING BIGGER AND BETTER. It has been observed that only a meagre 2 percent believe in the power of human mind and those who have placed faith on the supremacy of thinking have gone places. Take for instance Dhirubai Ambani’s case. He went on from selling pakoras to working in a gas station to building one of the HUGEST corporate empires Asia has ever seen. His formula for success was “Think big, think fast, and think ahead”. Life is a bunch of hurdles. We often stumble on our path to success and generally lose heart. But the author effectively expresses that ‘our thoughts rule our life’. He says that negative will definitely attract negative. So, it all lies within our mind. Positivity plays a significant role in the life of achievers. “Go ahead and be like them”, he says. It is never too late to reconfigure ourselves. The author is a natural stylist, and with the help of an easy and accessible approach of intriguing the reader. Most admirable is how the author motivates one and all with his magical words and tries to condition our mind to create the life of our dreams. At times, the voice is inspirational yet at times the author settles for practicality. Praiseworthy book, must read for the youth. So think big and kick ass.]]>

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