WOTS: 975

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Adding to the list of eating joints in Kamala Nagar is 9 75, a multi cuisine restaurant, literally located right in the heart of the market. In the same lane as QD’s and other such restaurants, 9 75 simply stands due to the sheer attractiveness of its ambiance both from the outside as well as the inside. Another high point of the restaurant is the expertly prepared wide range of cuisines available here. The restaurant offers Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Indian besides a host of scrumptious deserts. The pastas are good to taste, prepared in a wide variety of sauces and made available in numerous pasta types and accompanying toppings. I would even recommend the Mexican food  here! Its my personal opinion that the pizza could certainly be improved upon, specially if one was to compare it to the other tasty dishes being offered. A word of caution: Do not be driven away from the swanky appearance of the restaurant presuming it out to be  of your budget for  975 is a total value for money. It is definitely worth a try once, if not regular visits. A thumbs up for 9 75. ]]>

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