Word On The Street: Chacha

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Chacha, previously known as Khan Chacha, created quite a stir within a few days of its launch, and the reason goes beyond the kebabs. Also, the stunt definitely earned the joint enough popularity to arouse one’s curiosity and appetite. Located right across the road from Sri Venkateswara , in the bustling Satya Niketan complex, the first thing you notice about Chacha are the huge glass doors spelling style. What you also don’t fail to observe is the chic ‘Chacha’ banner with the ‘Khan’ poorly hidden behind black paper. However, as soon as you step into the ‘restaurant’, the similarity ends. The ambience, from the presumed casual hangout zone you expect of kebab joints, changes to being both elegant and sophisticated.

Though the space is limited, the minimalistic layout with the contemporary furnishings definitely makes for a pretty picture. It also gets you wondering how much this pretty picture would cost you. Impressed nonetheless, you make it to the counter and ask for the menu, and that is where the skeptic in you swells again. The menu again has ‘Khan’ roughly cut out with a marker, which yet again gets one comparing the two. The food variety offered is the same as any kebab outlet without many choices, including your usual paneer, chicken and mutton tikkas, rolls and kebabs. The price list doesn’t seem too offensive for the deal though, ranging from Rs. 75-90. They also make an attempt to make their menu more interesting with the inclusion of the Warqi and Mughlai Paratha, and Firni (Rs.30) and Shahi Tukra (Rs.40) for dessert. The biryanis are also complemented with shorba and burhani raita. All this coupled with the ambience does make for good value for money and you don’t mind another visit. So is it as good as the established little big Chowrangee Lane next door? Probably not for the average college kid. But at the end of the day Chacha is not a bad place to splurge your pocket money.

My rating: 3/5


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