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We Will Walk Alone

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Human civilization has been progressing at an astronomical rate. As human population grows, we have started conquering previously unconquered territories on earth, taming them and converting them into urban concrete jungles. However, it seemed that the eyes could get a break from the grayish hues when we saw trees within our cities, inhabited by birds, bees and other arboreal animals. It seemed that if we tried hard enough, we could still get closer to the nature we chose to conquer to lay the building blocks of our civilization. However, this too now seems to be rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

A recent study revealed that bees, which pollinate almost all fruits and vegetables and in a way help sustain all life on earth, have started to disappear. The buzz of bees is being muffled by the buzz of vibrating mobile phones. This phenomenon of disappearing bees has been noticed in not only the US, UK and other developed nations, but closer home in Kerala. It seems that this is happening because of the electromagnetic radiations emitted by cellular transmission towers which hamper the bees’ navigational abilities and leads to a collapse of their colonies. A study also revealed that these radiations also result in thinner membranes of sparrows’ eggs and result in underdeveloped embryos and weaker sparrow chicks. This has already caused a decrease in the numbers of several species of birds founds in cities.

The way things are going, in the near future, all signs of nature- animals and plant life- will eventually disappear. It really isn’t as preposterous as it sounds. As civilizations have progressed we have slowly and steadily encroached upon the territories of already existing animals. Forests were cut down to make way for cities, so in order to make our homes we destroyed the homes of all the creatures that already lived there. For a moment it seemed we could co-exist. But this evidence proves otherwise as really nothing much can be done about it. Cell phones are absolutely indispensable today. So reducing the number of phones and hence towers is completely out of the question. Then we could consider moving the birds and the bees to the forests, but eventually those forests will also be encroached upon.

It isn’t really only about mobile phones either. It’s what they signify. They signify the changing necessities for the human race. Ten years ago, cell phones were a luxury, but today they cannot be done without. So what might be a luxury today and still can be done without if it, say, harms other creatures it can be done without. But ten years down the line, if it becomes an indispensible necessity. And when the essentials are considered, all aesthetic sense and the interests of all other creatures can take a backseat.  So as the human race moves forward it inevitably walks all over all other life forms. However, this disregard is bound to come around and prove catastrophic for humans. It’s just a matter of time.

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