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Score Foundation: A Report

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The Score Foundation is a non governmental organization, steadily thriving amidst challenges of sustainable resource generation to continue its mission of providing the most comprehensive knowledge that informs inspires and includes blind and vision impaired people in India. Their project Eyeway is a one stop knowledge resource for sensitizing people regarding the cause of the visually impaired.

The organization’s founding member George Abraham’s idea of the Score Foundation sprang from a realization that the blind and visually impaired in the country and society in general, are not aware of the existence of opportunities for people with disability. Abraham fell prey to meningitis at the age of 10 months and subsequently suffered vision impairment at an early age. However, having had a pragmatic set of parents and with the background of a sound education, Abraham decided to pool in the scattered information in an organized manner necessary to the people who need them.

The project Eyeway was launched in 2002 with the website www.eyeway.org and their magazine, Beyond the Eye. Eyeway has evolved into a knowledge gateway that gathers packages and makes available information not only through the website, but a radio programme, helpdesk and other accessible channels like SMS alerts.

In January 2008, 2 fulltime counselors were hired to work on the increasing number of helpdesk inquiries. Their radio programme Yeh Hai Roshni Ka Karwan was started in 2005 with the aim of inspiring visually impaired person through an accessible channel. It has a reach through about 30 radio station, ranging from Gujarat to Guwahati.  The website www.eyeway.org contains information ranging from tips that will develop basic skills to information on available facilities for the visually challenged. It is a core service offering of Score Foundation in terms of accessibility and content. A special software knows as JAWS is used by the visually challenged to read computers. The Eyeway Helpdesk became a subproject after they started getting regular responses to the radio programme. It complemented both the radio programme and the website in that it provided specific information and other services based on individual issues raised on a telephone conversation.

Through such useful services, the Score Foundation has done a great job in empowering the vision impaired persons in India.

Mr. George Abraham, CEO, Score Foundation is himself visually impaired. He received his degree in Mathematics (honors) from St Stephen’s College where he relied on combined studies and d teachers for help. He was also part of the Student’s Council there and served as Secretary of the Music Society. His hobbies include cross country running and cricket.

Eyeway Helpdesk Number: 01146070380

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