Book Review: Superfreakonomics

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Authors: Steven Levitt and Stepheb Dubner

Publisher: Allen Lane

Cost: MRP 395

Yes, they’re back! Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner are back with the second edition of their best selling book Freakonomics, SuperFreakonomics. Four years after the duo got together and wrote their first book, the second one was released a fortnight ago.

If the first one got you hooked on to economics and made you laugh, then the second one will certainly blow you off your feet.

The cases mentioned in the second edition, are what some may consider by far rather outrageous, (for example why are prostitutes patriotic?) while some cases are completely illogical and point towards things that never ever comes to our mind in the ordinary course of life. Often , it puts into perspective unconventional questions like ‘why terrorists must buy life insurance?’ The book however erases the belief of humans not being altruistic, giving hope that the world may survive after all in spite of great environmental threats like that of global warming.

The book is an interesting read, providing an analysis that is not very common to come across in everyday life, hilarious as various instances and otherwise just gripping. It opens your eyes beyond the normal economics we get to read everyday. Every student, including non-eco students must read it, if not for anything else , then its sheer entertainment value.

A 7.5/10 for this fabulous book.


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