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AIESEC is a non-political, not-for-profit, independent and entirely youth-run organization. The 60 year old organization takes pride in being regarded as the international platform which enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society.

The 27th of this month saw people of assorted age groups, colleges and organizations stream into the India Habitat Centre, dressed in formals, to attend the Delhi University’s Youth to Business Forum 2009 organized by AISEC. The event acted as a meeting ground for students and professionals to share ideas and perspectives regarding the role of young leaders in India Inc.

The session commenced with the speech of the Key Note speaker Mr.Salman Khurshid, Honorable Minister for Corporate Affairs. He spoke at length about the scour of the business profession, namely corporate greed, and how greed was causing any number of disasters on this planet, be it depleting natural resources, climate change, receding glaciers or the Economic Recession. He reiterated that in spite of measures to raise awareness society keeps repeating its mistakes, and hence as the youth, the progressive generation of 2010, it falls upon us to make a difference. ‘Every time one thinks of change, one thinks of youth, and globally we are ironically becoming the young nation,’ Mr. Khurshid said. He stressed on the importance of the role played by young people in India and stated that he and the government had high hopes of our young and enthusiastic generation.

This rousing speech was followed by a panel discussion on “Young Leaders of India Inc.” moderated by Mr.Suresh Rajpal, CEO of Visnova Solutions. The panel consisted of Mr. Pradeep Gupta, President of TiE; Mr. Ajay Mehta, CEO of Interactive Television; Mr. Pranay Das, Marketing Professional for Ernst and Young; and Mr Anupam Yog, Founder and Managing Director of Mirabilis Advisory. Mr. Gupta spoke about the three things they expect to see in the youth today: Insight, expectations and responsibility. On the subject of insight, Mr Gupta said that corporate India is always on the lookout for fresh new ideas and innovations because there’s a ‘completely new world out there.’ Mr. Ajay Mehta, tackled the three characteristics that the youth should work on developing, namely the desire to remain ambitious, hungry and foolish, to be driven by one’s passion and to refuse to let others order your life. ‘An entrepreneur’s highs are higher and lows are lower than that of most people,’ he said as he explained that entrepreneurs often meet with failure and must not let the fact daunt them.

The third speaker, Mr Pranay Das presented a slideshow at the outset of his speech, addressing topics such as the Hindu rate of growth, Domestic consumption and Economic overviews. Mr. Das raised some very important questions, one of them being, ‘How short sighted is corporate India?’ According to him it is rather worrying that corporate India never cares to think more than thirty years into the future. Indeed this lack of futuristic insight makes the Indian Corporate Sector rather short sighted and inefficient.

The session was concluded by Mr. R. Sreenivasan, co-founder of Career Launcher, who ended the discussion on a very inspiring note by saying, ‘Pursue what you are passionate about, and be passionate about what you pursue’

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